15 November 2005

Cool Science Sites II

More links to cool science sites I have come across:

A fantiatic flash animation of the Tom Lehrer song "The Elements" is here. Don't miss it!

BBC Radio 4 dramatizations of popular elements Kr, He, Ag, Co, Se, O, As, Hg, I, and Ni, with musical interludes of Tom Lehrer singing his composition "The Elements".

Crocheted hyperbolic plane, from http://theiff.org/oexhibits/oe1e.htmlHyperbolic space crochet models.

The Weirdness of Crowds. Is it really true that if you ask a lot of not-very-well-informed people you can get a very accurate estimate of something? Even something like "In what year did the English Civil War begin?" This site looks at some actual questions and the "crowd's" answers.

Picture of Dr. Universe from http://www.wsu.edu/DrUniverse/earth4.htmlAsk Dr. Universe -- Hundreds of questions answered by "Dr. W. S. Universe" at Washington State Univeristy at Pullman, Washington, U.S.A. For example, "Does the Earth weigh the same as it did 10,000 years ago?" (Here is Dr. Universe's answer.)

Photo of Hedy Lamar, from http://www.sensual-arts.com/inspiration/photogallery/portrait/p101.htmdetail from Lamar and Antheil's patent, from http://www.serner.de/blogs/ri/?p=1708Female inventors. My favorite is Hedy Lamar, co-inventor of a secure "frequency hopping" radio communication system for torpedo guidance.

A simple, useful, and deep periodic table of the elements.

The science of meteorology on-line. Lots of useful and interesting stuff about weather and other atmospheric phenomena.

Have fun exploring these links. I'll have some more in a few weeks from now.

The earlier "Cool Science Sites" post is here.

David Wheat's Science In Action site has articles about science and math in the real world, weird science, science news, unexpected connections, and other cool science stuff. There is an index of the articles by topic here.

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1 comment:

Science Writer David Bradley said...

"My favorite is Hedy Lamar, co-inventor of a secure "frequency hopping" radio communication system for torpedo guidance."

Of course, frequency hopping is not quite so esoteric as it sounds, without her invention we would not have the kind of cordless phones and wifi networks applications we have today.

She also found time to marry six times and has numerous movie credits to her name. She died on January 19, 2000