30 August 2005

Cool Science Sites

Here are websites I recommend for some fun with Science and Math:

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics -- If the shotgun's recoil didn't push the shooter across the street, why does the impact of the charge knock the victim through that plate-glass window?

Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies -- Time travel isn't as simple as it sounds!

Calendar Reform Proposal (more here) -- A rational proposal?

Paleomap Project -- See continents "drift"

Hyperbolic Tree Demonstration -- Explore phylogeny of plants

The McCulloch Effect -- An new optical illusion investigates how the brain works.

Science For People! -- Weird and interesting science news.

The Annals of Improbable Research site -- Stuff scientists think is funny. Also check out their blog.

That's enough for now. I'll post more links as I come across them.

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