15 November 2004

Undergrad Field-Trip Find Makes Student Famous

Here's what can happen on a geology class field trip when
  • you keep your eyes open,
  • you aren't afraid to ask the instructor about what you see, and
  • you are incredibly lucky.
University of Pittsburgh student Adam Striegel went on a routine field trip with Lecturer Charles E. Jones's geology lab class. He noticed an interesting rock and showed it to the instructor. It turned out to have a beautiful fossil of a novel genus of 300-million-year-old amphibian in it. It will probably be named after its discoverer, Mr. Striegel!

The local press picked it up.
It got on the national news.
Yahoo news .de featured the story.
There is a nice picture at this Ukranian site.
And naturally he got an A in the course!

That's science in action!

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